principal floor



The two properties in the principal floor have a great interior height, a fantastic collection of details and beautiful recovered materials which add authenticity.

The hydraulic mosaic on the floor and the glass windows of the balconies overlooking the street and the gallery of the rear façade, fill the properties with light and colour. The fantastic restored ceilings with delicate floral motifs also stand out.

One of these main properties has a private lift and an exclusive entrance through a beautiful palatial staircase bathed by the light that comes in from the overhead skylight.


Built size

189.90 sqm


3.70 sqm







Street facing living room
This living room, with an open plan design
-just like the other rooms- is characterised
by the beauty of its walls, floors and ceilings.
The wooden windows, decorative floor tiles,
ceiling mouldings and the cast pillars have been
replaced in accordance with original samples
after meticulous restoration.

Gallery facing en suite bedroom
The light, filtered through the coloured stained glass windows takes centre stage in this en suite bedroom. Additionally, this room has a beautiful private space in the gallery, which adds greater spaciousness and elegance to the room. All the properties have spacious bedrooms and a large amount of storage space.

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